There is no solution for homelessness that does not involve housing.

The Anderson Housing and Homeless Alliance provides strategic direction for housing needs throughout Anderson County to effectively obtain and manage attainable housing for all citizens, especially those who have limited means.

Transitional Housing

With only one emergency shelter in Anderson County, we need to renovate this space and increase capacity throughout the system. Using a “village” model, we envision new transitional spaces for those experiencing homelessness from seniors to students. 

Attainable Housing

The need for housing at a price that is attainable for low-income families is huge! We need to greatly increase the supply of work-force housing and homes at a cost that is reachable for many. In addition, we need permanent supporting housing for those with disabilities (physical and mental) and especially our ever-increasing senior population.

Anderson Housing Fund

Acquiring land, property, and creating affordable options for both is key to increasing the housing stock available to address the demand for housing. The AHF provides access to these valuable resources for qualifying individuals and families.

Housing Preservation

The most cost effective measure in preventing homelessness is keeping people housed in their existing home. A small group of agencies provide home repairs, wheelchair ramps, handicap accessibility options, etc., to allow people to comfortably retain their homes.

Community Centers

Prevention begins with knowledge. To address the complex challenges of homelessness, we need to position ourselves in proximity to those we wish to serve. Nearly every community has a natural center that lends itself to become the life of the neighborhood. Here we envision listening sessions, educational classes, legal advocacy, and a safe place to deliver services.